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Our Vision

It is our belief to give developers the opportunity and hopes to unfold 
their dream ideas to their hearts' content and create pleasant memories
in the daily lives of users.

What makes you happy in your daily routine repeated every day?
The way back from work or waiting for someone you like.
I hope the AlohaFactory will give you a good rest in your daily life.

Global # GAME


Would you like to develop the Global #1 game with AlohaFactory?
Our goal is to publish a global hit game that everyone can enjoy and grow with developers.
AlohaFactory's publishing team, consisting of data/ business & marketing experts / creative teams will be supporting.
The growth of indie studios and discovering new possibilities. It's the value of publishing that we're aiming for.

Would you like to create a #1 global hit game with AlohaFactory?

Our team will support you to focus on game production.

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Featured Games

We make casual and intuitive games that anyone can enjoy.

Blog / Press

AlohaFactory in the media, we'll tell you the stories of the games we're making.


Work with us

We're a culture where diverse ideas are celebrated and creators are empowered to create real fun in a fun environment.
Join AlohaFactory as we lead the global casual game trend and set new standards!